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Mini Speaker | Mp3 Speaker | Computer Speaker:
Mini Speaker | Mp3 Speaker | Computer Speaker: OK-S1
Single Size:
Single Weight:
Box Size:
Box Weight:
Product particular introduction:
OK-S1 Mini mobile Speaker particular introduction:
It can play music stored on a SD/MMC card,USB disc,MP3. And works with mobile phone, computer,can play all MP3 music format. Besides, Dual loudspeakers,Digital bass effect,supports remote control.

OK-S1 Mini mobile Speaker Accessory:
1. 3.5mm interface extension line
2. 3.5mm to 2.5mm interface connector
3. 5mm to Nokia N73 interface connector
4. USB charging line
5. Remote Controller

SD Card Mini Speaker is the most popular product at present ! its Unique design, Compact size, Digital bass effect and Powerful function attracts a large number of consumers. It’s very convenient to carry and meets the requirement of times development. So you can enjoy excellent music in the trip or countryside at any time!

Detailed Product Description
SD Card Mini Speaker adopts Waveguide "audio guided-wave tube" technology. Its Stereo and  ultra-low sound brings excellent music experience for you!

SD Card Mini Speaker is very convenient to use. It can play music stored on a SD/MMC card/USB disc directly. And it works for MP3, MP4, mobile phone and computer, can play all MP3 music format.

SD Card Mini Speaker with the remote control. It is more easier for you to listen music.it not only works for portable digital music system but also controls basic function of mobile phone. You can control the speaker’s volume and next song from any angle of the room freely.
SD Card Mini Speaker has FM function or alarm clock function. You can listen to radio with it too.

MP3 Host, with SD/MMC card/USB music player
Support MP3 and mobile phone, can play all MP3 music format.
Support USB2.0 card host interface SD/MMC
With the remote control. It is more easier for you to listen music
Top 3 buttons control for playing music from
SD/MMC/USB and for play and pause, Volume control
Separate 3.5" audio input, with audio cable.
Complete wooden case,Stereo, ultra-low sound
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
3.5" audio intput, Output 5V/500MA
Supply with 2 Nokia Mobile Connectors
Gift items for All Nokia N70,71,73,76 and other brand cell phones
Using Nokia charger or USB for speaker recharging
Used also for MP3, MP4, IPOD, Notebook etc
Playing time 3-5 hours
Output: 3W*2
Driver: 2.5"*2
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Rated Impedance: 4 Ohm

Enjoy mobile music with the powerful Nokia music phone speaker,perfect for listening to your phone's music player, MP3, MP4, PC ,Designed for music phones with 3.5mm( NOKIA N95) standard interface connector.

As customer's requirement, we can supply the interface connector that 3.5mm(NOKIA N95) changes into 2.5mm(NOKIA N6300) or 3.5mm changes into NOKIA N73,

so this speaker can be used for all kinds of music players
With switch, you can control the power
Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery can work 3 to 5 hours
Charging time is from 2 to 3 hours                                    

QTY in CTN:  100pcs/CTN                                                     

Charged by USB & Nokia mobile phone chargers which meet the safety standard,or it will explode and affect the speaker's function.The product can not be used when it is charging.

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