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Dual sim card:
Dual sim card 15th B(Stop Production)
15th B(Stop Production)
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Box Weight:
100 pcs
Product particular introduction:

MAGICSIM-15th  Security dual sim card (non-cutting)
1. Two numbers in one card (Designed base on 128K super SIM card IC)
2. Extended 250 phonebooks.
3. Extended 50 SMS.
4. Unique private security SMS
5. Equipped with 6 in 1 multi sim card function (support GSM-V 1 SIM card Only)
6. Money saving IP dialing device.
7. Two number auto switch on line, separately setting for the online time, up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.
8. 10 records of security notebook function
9. Online number shown in screen (can be edited with number or English name)
10. Maintain Call records function
11. The global highest Mobile and sim card compatibility
12. Support smart SIM card, meet to the ISO 7816 International standard, and featured with the best global stability
13. Support GSM and 3G-USIM card
14. Language : English, Chinese-S, Chinese-T..

The MAGICSIM dual sim card is under patent Law protest from both China Mainland and Taiwan area, Law action will be taken against fake product.
Non Cutting(15th-b)
Taiwan Patent : M283446
China Patent : ZL 200520103890.5

Content parts:
Steel cover x 2
SIM card sticker with cutting shape x 2
Recover card slot x 2
Recover sticker x 2
User manual x 1

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